NEW – Your ticket includes admission to four attractions; Aquarium of the Bay – PIER 39; Sea Lion Center – PIER 39; Eco Center at Heron’s Head Park San Francisco and the Bay Model – Sausalito. Aquarium of the Bay – PIER 39 Experience the wonder of San Francisco Bay at Aquarium of the Bay, where thousands of local aquatic animals are waiting to greet you. Located at the worldfamous PIER 39 and on San Francisco’s iconic waterfront, Aquarium of the Bay provides an unmatched window to the Bay’s amazing marine life. With over 700,000 gallons of water within its galleries, Aquarium of the Bay is home to over 20,000 animals, including sevengill sharks, bat rays, jellies, river otters, and more. Much of the Aquarium’s marine life can be seen through its magnificent, 300-foot long crystal clear acrylic tunnels, offering an unparalleled view to thousands of fish and other animals. Guests are also treated to a hands-on experience in the Touch the Bay gallery, where they can touch sharks, bat rays, sea stars, and anemones; and no trip to Aquarium of the Bay would be complete without a visit to the North American River Otter gallery, where frisky river otters romp, swim, sleep, and play. A division of, Aquarium of the Bay’s mission is to protect, restore, and inspire conservation of San Francisco Bay and its watershed, from the Sierra to the sea. With a focus on education and conservation, Aquarium of the Bay is the only aquarium dedicated to the diverse marine life and distinctive ecosystems of San Francisco Bay and its watershed. Explore the Aquarium Discover the Bay introduces visitors to San Francisco Bay – This gallery highlights animals that are commonly found closest to the shore and near San Francisco’s docks where fish tend to be juvenile and smaller. Here, guests will find green moray eels, wolf eels, juvenile swell sharks, and the bright orange garibaldi, the marine state fish of California. Guests can also learn about some of the critical issues facing San Francisco Bay in this gallery, including marine debris and Marine Protected Areas. Under the Bay – Under the Bay is the Aquarium’s largest and most iconic exhibit area, featuring two-massive tunnels that total 300-feet, holding more than 700,000-gallons of carefully maintained water from San Francisco Bay, and are home to more than 200 species of animals. Touch the Bay – Touch the Bay offers a hands-on tactile experience for Aquarium visitors. Touchpools Guests can touch juvenile bat rays, skates, and even sharks in the exhibit’s large touchpool. A second touchpool that resembles California’s rocky coastline enables guests to gently graze over sea stars, sea anemones, and sea cucumbers. Bay Lab The Bay Lab features land-dwelling animals serving as ambassadors for climates around the world. Through hands-on presentations and activities, the Bay Lab demonstrates the effects of climate change on these animals and their natural habitat. River Otters: Watershed Ambassadors – The Aquarium’s fourth gallery lets guests encounter the amusing antics of its furriest residents: river otters. Featuring North American river otters romping, swimming, sleeping, and playing in a serene environment that combines land and water habitats, guests can learn all about these adorable animals during special presentations, feedings, and trainings led by Aquarium biologists. This gallery helps to teach the public about the importance of the health and conservation of the rivers, streams, and other watersheds that flow into the Bay. Sea Lion Center – PIER 39 The Sea Lion Center, is a hub for all things sea lion, including interactive displays, educational videos and many fascinating presentations led by Aquarium of the Bay Educators. Touch a sea lion pelt, size yourself up next to a real sea lion skeleton and more. Once you get to know the California sea lions, step outside to the K-Dock overlook and see (and smell!) them for yourself. Eco Center at Heron’s Head Park San Francisco The EcoCenter at Heron’s Head Park is a unique educational facility that combines environmental education, experience-based learning and habitat restoration. Located by the Bay in one of the last of San Francisco’s wild landscapes, the EcoCenter is also a model for green building and sustainable resource use. As a living classroom and drop-in visitor center, the EcoCenter demonstrates how environmental resources can be used to promote healthy people, vigorous ecosystems, and strong economies in local communities. Bay Model – Sausalito The Bay Model Visitor Center is a unique education center that houses a working hydraulic model of San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta System. The Model provides scientists, educators, and citizens interested in San Francisco Bay an extraordinary opportunity to view the complete Bay-Delta system at a glance. Perfect for events the Bay Model boasts an expansive and fun space for your guest to learn about the Bay while enjoying your function.


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