Limited special offer*! Buying 2 tickets you get the third one for FREE *It may include any combination of adults (8-64), children (3-7) and seniors (65+) Come face to face with 4,000 animals from nearly 500 different species in the beautifully landscaped parkland of Faunia. Halfway between a traditional zoo and botanical garden, at Faunia you will find plenty of interactive displays as well as permanent exhibitions. Learn first-hand about bio diversity as you experience the heat and humidity of the tropics and the freezing cold of the polar regions. Experience the darkness and danger of the blackest night with all your senses, the rustling of creepy crawlies and the howling of monkeys high up in the trees. Feel the brush of butterfly wings on your skin and watch piranhas feed voraciously. See penguins waddle on land before diving gracefully into the water and come up close to wallabies, pelicans and giant tortoises. And if you need to recharge your batteries, you can choose from a wide range of bars, restaurants and cafeterias suitable for all tastes and pockets. All in all, a great day exploring nature for all the family!


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